25 thoughts on “Messi red card v Hungary (messi’s debut)

  1. he was pulling messi for fucks sake, if you have ever played football, you’d know how irritating it is. i don’t blame messi for his actions, he was just trying to get the defender off him. i guess he learned the harsh reality of football after this incident because nowadays players still tug his shirt when he is about to go for goal but the ref does not penalize the offenders, at most they only get a yellow card. and penaldo fans like you still go on about how fcb bribes the referees.

  2. There was no foul at all: Messi ALMOST touched defender’s chin when he reacted like he has been hit by a bullet… Just a paltry “modern” defender.

  3. Exactly, a friendly is less reason to get all pissy and lash out at someone, even more foolish on his behalf. The rules don’t change because it’s a tournament etc…

  4. That could hardly be called a “lash out” he wanted the guy off him. He in fact does it all the time now, normally though he doesnt hit people on the face of course, he just gets them to let go of his shirt so he can keep going.

  5. Don’t hide behind “lashing out”. he didn’t lash out. he was just trying to push the guy away. and when he hit him in the neck it was because that guy pulled him too close and he lost his balance. try falling back with your hands by your body.

  6. he gets past the defender, his arms are swinging normally and then the defender tugs him so that Messi’s natural arm movement appears to strike the defender. It’s ‘clever’ defending (cheating in my eyes) and Messi is unlucky as the referee was in the wrong place to see it properly. Messi learns from things like this and becomes a better player for it.

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