Lionel Messi Top-10 Goals 2012-2013

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Posted in 2012
19 comments on “Lionel Messi Top-10 Goals 2012-2013
  1. kyrale98 says:


  2. yahia CH says:

    not the best

  3. Vanik Khachikyan says:

    no!!! 1-atletic bilbao goal

  4. Hamza Gadiri says:

    Very Good

  5. rap francais says:

    Cool messi :)

  6. Yongfu Lou says:

    Not the best

  7. gabo faundez says:

    buen vídeo pero hay mejores goles de messi

  8. RauckisTomas says:

    why on earth did you put a penalty kick to the top10 goals? are you mad?

  9. kamal elmasry says:

    right u are :D 

  10. Alfredo Alvarado says:

    I believe he has lots of best goals than the selected

  11. Usamljeni Vuk says:

    Goal vs AC Milan? 

  12. thanh nguyen says:

    bad video. this not the best

  13. Issam Zouaid says:

    wa3r rah messi wla fala

  14. Greensboro Galacticos says:

    nice vid

  15. kote kapanadze says:

    good video good job

  16. Леха максимов says:

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  17. dhonds456 says:

    messi is fast.

  18. Diego Andres Bracho Bohorquez says:

    Yo creo que esto es puro 2012

  19. MessiKing Lionel says:

    Top 10?? Go home man, you’re drunk…

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