Lionel Messi ● All Goals & Assists In Pre-Season 2013-2014 | HD

Lionel Messi All Goals & assists in Pre-season 13/14 ▷ Goals: 5 ▷ Assists: 5 → Facebook: → Twitter: https://twit…

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12 comments on “Lionel Messi ● All Goals & Assists In Pre-Season 2013-2014 | HD
  1. LettsPro says:

    Amazing Vid!! Messi is Amazing!!

  2. YeiiKe7Pro says:

    Awesome vid Bro ♥

  3. marvin971com says:

    Messi is the best

  4. projectBryce says:

    Video = AMAZING!!

  5. دحوم المطيري says:

    Cr7 3

  6. MrRonaldo007ism says:


  7. messiblackable says:

    messi the best

  8. thekongsta says:

    you can’t say that the first one was assist

  9. dipesh karki says:

    CR 7 the best!!! always and ever

  10. Henzy Dasan says:

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  11. one4evr says:

    CR,7 the man

  12. Léandre Guillot de Suduiraut says:

    Messi is the best

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